5 Myths About Breast Cancer and Deodorant

Written By My Infomation on 4/25/11 | 4/25/2011

It is undeniable, cosmetics and skin care products currently must contain various chemicals. No wonder so many news berbedar about the ill effects of the use of these products, such as rumors about the deodorant which he said could increase the risk of breast cancer. But is it true?
Do not swallow round all the information you hear. Below are five myths are wrong about the deodorant and antiperspirant, which has been disputed by many experts including the American Cancer Society.
1. Deodorants increased breast cancer risk. Almost no scientific evidence that supports this myth. Some scientists had done research in 2002, involving 813 women with breast cancer and 793 healthy women.The scientists found no link between breast cancer risk, the use of deodorant, underarm hair or shaving habits.
2. Wearing deodorant after shaving underarm hair make the dangerous chemicals to be more easily enter the body and cause breast cancer. If you shave and do not accidentally injure your underarm skin, your skin is at risk of infection. And if the skin is affected by exposure to infected wounds or deodorant, of course, will cause skin irritation. Not breast cancer.
3. Deodorants contain chemicals called parabens that cause cancer. Studies show that parabens contain substances similar to estrogen. If the body is exposed to a lot of estrogen, the risk of breast cancer is increasing. But the estrogen contained in parabens far less than the estrogen produced naturally by our bodies.Other facts: parabens not only found in deodorants, but also shampoo, body lotion, sun screen, and various types of makeup. Other studies have also shown that parabens can be found in 99% human urine. And until now there has been no evidence that parabens cause cancer.
4. Antiperspirant makes sweat production decreases. Harmful toxins in the body was so not wasted. Body cleanse itself of toxins that have the potential to cause cancer not by sweat, but with the help of the kidneys and liver. Hazardous material is "driven" out of the blood through urine and feces.
5. Breast cancer risk for men is smaller because they do not shave her armpits and deodorant materials not absorbed into the skin. Men more often have breast cancer than women karean men have less breast tissue than women. Female breast tissue in number one hundred times more men, so it's natural that the risk of breast cancer in women was a hundred times greater. Another thing that causes the difference in the high risk of breast cancer is a hormone. If a man has high levels of the hormone estrogen, she even greater risk for breast cancer.All had nothing to do with armpit hair and use deodorant.

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