5 Steps Bandel Covering Acne with Makeup

Written By My Infomation on 4/25/11 | 4/25/2011

It's annoying if there is an important event that requires us to look beautiful, but a big pimple red nan suddenly appeared on the face. It was impossible to heal in an instant, but we've got tricks to cover it so as not to be seen. 
1. Dab astringent in cotton, then pat on the acne. If you do not have a toner jenisastringent, can also use eye drops. Believe it or not, eye drops can reduce acne by the way red blood vessels shrink around the lump. Squirt a little over pimples and blend with fingertips. 

2. The main weapon that must be held to cover acne: concealer. All brand cosmetic concealer product release. You can choose the kind that feel most appropriate, whether it is a cream, or a pencil. Choose a concealer with the same color as your skin color, and Dab on pimple and bumps in the surrounding red. To be free from bacteria and acne does not get worse, apply concealer with a cotton or a cotton bud. 

3. In order for long-lasting concealer, powder Dab on pimples that have been tertutupiconcealer. Once again, use a cotton bud or a makeup sponge tip is still clean, to avoid acne exposed to bacteria. 

4. Apply foundation to the entire surface of the face, including the acne. Concealer that covers acne will not be deleted because it was protected by the powder. 

5. After the foundation dioles flat on your face, please continue to dress up as usual.Annoying red acne has now been out of sight. 

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