7 Factors That Cause Hair Loss

Written By My Infomation on 4/25/11 | 4/25/2011

Who would have thought pollution and cavities was found to cause hair loss. Here are seven external factors beyond our everyday habits that were a direct effect on hair loss and damage. 

1. Strict diet 
This problem most often occurs in women. Because you want to have a slim body, the diet was carried-out until without realizing the body lacks nutrients and vitamins. Of course, any nutrients to the hair so not fulfilled. Excessive dieting to make weight dropped dramatically in a short time, and this makes the hair shaft becomes weak, easily broken, and easily plucked from its roots. 

2. Smoke 
Besides bad for health, smoking also can inhibit the supply of oxygen to the hair, causing hair nutritional deficiencies. In addition, smoking is also proven to accelerate the aging process, and one of the signs of aging is hair loss and even baldness in men. 

3. Stress 
When under stress, the body produces the hormone cortisol and noradrenaline. Both of these hormones make the hair "rest" and not producing new hair. So during stress, hair loss may not be increased, but the hair loss will not be replaced by new hair. The good news, this condition will last only during stress. After the stress ended, the hair cells would be back in production. 

4. Pollution 
Living in the city makes us vulnerable to pollution. Motor vehicle exhaust fumes are the worst type of pollution for the hair because if exposed to the hair can cause hair to become weak and easily fall out. Living in the village do not guarantee free hair exposed to pollution, because there are pesticides used to eradicate pests in rice fields and gardens can also cause hair loss when exposed to the hair. 

5. Sun 
Sunlight is good for us, especially to stimulate the production of vitamin D. But if hair is too long exposed to sunlight without any protection at all, not just the hair can become dry and brittle, but also branched. 

6. The chemicals in hair products 
Straightening, perming, coloring, and various types of treatment on a regular hair done at salons, must use products that contain chemicals. Once or twice was okay, but too often fiddling with your hair with these products it will make the hair brittle and damaged. 

7. Cavities 
Do not underestimate cavities, especially if you've reached the stage of infection. The body will produce more white blood cells to fight infection, and white blood cells will be distributed to the hair follicles, which would make him stop producing hair altogether. If allowed, not infrequently patients tooth infection go bald in one small area in the head. Location of hair loss is usually close to the position of the tooth with an infection. In men, sometimes a tooth infection loss also affects the eyebrows or beard

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