How Network Performance and Security Monitoring are Useful in Today's Data Center

Written By My Infomation on 4/29/11 | 4/29/2011

Network performance and security monitoring is not only helpful, it is required in today’s enterprise data centers to provide reliability and performance of today’s complex applications. Data center and IT managers should be focusing on efficient delivery of applications.  Network performance and security are two big areas that affect overall application, reliability and performance. While most enterprises are monitoring their data center ingress and egress, and possibly some critical areas within, they are not monitoring their entire data center. The primary reason is they believe it is not cost effective, but it leads to costly network blind spots.
Data center and IT managers are always being asked to do more with less. Several benefits stem from doing proper network performance and security monitoring, including simply process improvement. For example, the problem resolution process (whether it be a network performance issue or a security incident) typically involves a bunch of people, across a number of different organizational silos, each using a different tool of their choice. Monitoring across the entire data center using a single monitoring tool and focusing on a more proactive approach, will free up a considerable amount of valuable time.
In today’s world of malware, botnets, APT, internal leaks, Trojans, worms, and application-layer attacks (just to name a few) monitoring the internal network is a requirement. Perimeter-level defenses are no longer enough to keep the bad guys out, and the confidential information in. The era of mobility, whereby everyone takes their laptops out of the organization, and the dawn of IT consumerization, whereby everyone is bringing their own devices in, is not making the problems any easier. Pile on the concept of desktop virtualization, putting your desktop users in the middle of your data center, and you have a recipe for disaster within the data center. The last thing you want is security teams to be blind to parts of the network, especially the data center. technorati

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