How to Avoid Blog Auto Generated Content?

Written By My Infomation on 4/25/11 | 4/25/2011

 Blog auto generated content (AGC) is now dah spread everywhere. If you usually do a search through google, then find a blog that only contains the links that * might * associated with title searches, but when clicked do not move from the blog in question, no clear spin without stopping, then you are on a blog that apply auto-generated content. 
Possible blog first AGC predictable, for example if there is a link-shaped key + key / search / learning + math + sma 
But now no longer so. Permalink model development at a very fast auto-generated content. Now even too difficult to guess whether a blog or not to apply AGC, except if you feel comfortable searching and observing its permalink. Now the permalink to the blog AGC has been able to turn into a model as follows: / search / key-key-key ( / search / learn-math-sma) / search / key-key-key.html ( / search / learn-math-sma.html) / topic / key-key-key ( / topic / learn-math-sma) / key-key-key ( / learn-math-sma) 
Lha, great to?! If you ask, what's in it they put auto generated content? Wow, this traffic problem pal. Blog with AGC have double the traffic than usual on the blog. If a regular blog may be visited by a maximum of 40,000 clicks per day, the blog could AGC doubled, to 80-100thousands per day. I once heard one of his blog owner AGC can get up to 2 million pageviews a month. hahahha.. click the blog may be linked again with the revenue the blog owner. If fitted with PPC or adsense program, wow ... income can be doubled. 
Even so, the blog AGC prone or in deindex banned by google. That is, included in the black list as a blog junk, spam, whose content will not be displayed in google search results. Or if not google that nge-banned, could be excluded from the hosting provider.Because the installation of auto-generated content will result in bandwidth doubled.One friend who visited her blog only 800 clicks per day, totaling 4.5GB bandwidth dah discharged on day 14. Well lo ... If fitted with AGC, not enough dah day will come "BANDWIDTH LIMITED ...". Wakaka ... 
Tips and tricks may be helpful for friends who are googling, efficient time to find the best articles as you wish. 
Observe the permalink (the link) that appears below each title page that Google indexed. If the model is the key + key this may AGC. It may still be opened, but if the results are not obvious links. Mending leave it. 
If you do not want to leave, observe first. Usually under the links is not clear on the blog page there AGC original permalink to link the appropriate title. So the story just took the title AGC blogs blog articles or other sites to be displayed in their pages, but the link was not the original link. The link has been modified so that the reader will only spin on the blog AGC unclear. In the end is click, click, click. Visitors confused and blog owners to the dollar. Jiahaha ... 
Observe the blog address that use AGC. There are only a few of the most famous really. If used, you will be familiar with the name of the blog. If another time googling and then get one of the blogs in search results, mending need not be clicked, search page else. Perhaps more relevant. 
Do a search using the BLOG directory on google, not WEB. Usually the blog search results with more 'humane' than using the web. Hahaha ... 
in accordance with the above title How to Avoid Blog Auto Generated Content. This is only way to avoid is not the way to prevent the affected our blog Auto Generate, later after I can do my share here will Insya Allah. and hopefully the above articles can help

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