Torres had gone Anxiety

Written By My Infomation on 4/25/11 | 4/25/2011

London - For an attacker is not wearing a goal if you have to fast for a long time. Ask it on Fernando Torres and how he felt now that it could end the bad notes. 

Purchased with the official Liverpool 50 million pounds from the end of January, Torres instead of enjoying the early days of the beautiful, but she had to continue struggling with the criticism related to his appearance on the gridiron. 

Of the 13 matches that have gone through with the Blues, Torres simply could not break into the opponent's goal! A bad performance, apart from the transfer value, but also on its reputation as a world-class predators in uniform during the Reds. 

So beredarlah issue if Torres will be released in the summer. Torres's presence also helped make Carlo Ancelotti's head dizzy because he had to choose between it and the Spanish striker Didier Drogba. 

But what is given Torres at Chelsea against West Ham United on Saturday (04/23/2011) night local time, could be a good start out of a bad trend that dikecapnya during the last three months. 

After 930 minutes passed without a goal, 27-year attacker finally scored his first goal with Chelsea and the game was over with the score 3-0 for the host. 

After scoring goals, Torres immediately surrounded the others and the rest of the Stamford Bridge singing his name. Expression of satisfaction was visible from his face. 

"This is not the start I was expecting when I came here but everything is not easy in January or February. I'm still trying hard and like to thank all my colleagues when I was finally able to score goals," explained Torres told ESPN. 

"Now I can let go of most of the burden that exists and I can enjoy. When I scored the pitch is not good but this is football," he continued. 

Not only to his colleagues, Torres also owes much to the fans who patiently waited for his best. Now the former Atletico Madrid hopes that such a goal could be the beginning of another goal-tally. 

"Fans are very patient with me. I'm more nervous about them than to myself. Hopefully I can score more goals," Torres straightforward

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