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Energy Lens is a software tool for charting and analyzing energy consumption. It's used by energy managers and facilities managers to monitor and manage their energy use, and by the energy consultants and building-services engineers that advise them.
The main premise is simple: it's much easier to save energy when you can seehow you're using it.
Energy Lens turns energy-consumption data into useful charts and figures. You can use these charts and figures for lots of different purposes, but for energy saving it's mainly about finding:
  • When and where you're wasting energy...
  • How much energy you're wasting...
  • How much progress you've made at reducing consumption.
This data analysis is right at the core of energy management - the process that underpins all the most successful energy-saving efforts.
Trying to save energy without this information is a bit like trying to get somewhere in a strange city without any road signs or maps... It'll take much longer, you'll miss the easy shortcuts, and you'll never really know how far you've gone or how far you've got left to go.
Analyzing your energy-consumption data can help you to figure out where to start with your energy-saving efforts, where to go next, and how well you're doing as you go along.
Conceptually it's a simple process...
But doing this analysis manually (or using Excel alone) tends to get a little complicated, and the tedious data manipulation takes up precious time that could be better spent doing something that a computer can't do for you...
Hence the value in energy management software to assist with this sort of data analysis. And hence the value in Energy Lens.
But Energy Lens is Different to Most Energy Management Software
It's not a super-advanced system that requires complicated installation and training. It doesn't have a million-and-one different report templates to navigate, you can't configure it to pester people with automated alarms ("Beep Beep! Someone's left the lights on on Floor 3!"), and it won't help you to check your building's energy consumption using your mobile phone from a beach in the Caribbean...
No, Energy Lens is simply an Excel add-in that makes it easy to analyze detailed energy data.
Admittedly it's a pretty powerful Excel add-in, and it has a few advanced analysis features that you won't even find in some of the high-end energy management software packages...
But using it effectively is far from being rocket science...
The Energy Lens software, and the energy-saving data analysis that most people use it for, is straightforward enough that youwon't need a training course. Though that's not to suggest that you won't find our quick online training videos useful.
Here's how it worksyou give Energy Lens your energy data, and it gives you a set of carefully-crafted analysis features to help you turn that data into useful charts and figures.
And because it works completely within Excel, you can easily tie Energy Lens in with your existing procedures, and build upon its outputs with further analysis of your own. Many people find everything they need in the Excel charts and tables that Energy Lens generates directly, but, if you do want a chart that Energy Lens doesn't offer as a point-and-click option, you can always generate it yourself in Excel. And usually you'll find that Energy Lens can generate a table of figures that will get you at leastsome of the way there.
Analyzing Energy Data Is Hugely More Rewarding If It's Modern, Detailed, Interval Energy Data...
And Energy Lens Won't Accept Anything Less

Using metering for effective energy management requires consumption to be detailed at regular periods throughout the day.

What is Interval Energy Data?

It's a detailed record of energy usage that comes from automated meter readings made at regular intervals such as every 15-minutes or half hour.
Whilst many energy management software packages focus on statistical analysis techniques to squeeze value out of low-resolution monthly meter readings, Energy Lens focuses exclusively on the analysis of modern, high-resolution interval energy data.
The detail of interval energy data makes manual analysis a bit of a chore, but that's not a problem if you're using Energy Lens to do the donkey-work for you...
And interval data contains over 1000 times the detail of monthly meter readings, which makes analyzing it hugely more valuable for energy-management purposes.
Believe it or not, some organizations actually have this data available to them without even realizing it, and are still struggling to get useful energy-usage information from the old-school data-analysis techniques, when they could be making much greater progress in much less time by analyzing their interval data.
"But what about the meter readings I've been taking?"
If you don't have interval metering or the budget to invest in it, your only option is to read your meters manually and analyze the data using traditional monitoring-and-targeting methods.
Even if you do have detailed interval data to work with, it might make sense to do some traditional M&T as well. Energy Lens can help with this by automatically turning your interval data into accurate weekly or monthly totals, freeing you from the chore of reading the meters yourself.
But the simple fact of the matter is that no amount of time spent analyzing weekly or monthly figures can reveal the patterns and energy-saving opportunities that detailed interval data can reveal in seconds:
Chart created using Energy Lens and interval data from an office
The above chart shows a section of a plot that Energy Lens made in the click of a button... Do you think you might be able to see some similar energy-saving opportunities if you used Energy Lens to plot the data from your buildings?
And finding energy waste is not the only aspect of energy management for which interval data comes out on top... For a number of reasons you usually need interval data to reliably track changes in your energy performance too.
It's Not Just the Software That's Different...
It's Also the Way That We Sell It

We're a little different to most energy-management-software vendors...
We don't spend our time responding to requests for proposals, making sales visits, or sweet-talking upper management into spending lots of money on energy-management solutions that they've yet to actually use...
No, we simply make a free trial of Energy Lens available for download from our website, so that the energy managers, facilities managers, energy consultants, and engineers that it's intended for can figure out for themselves whether it's right for their needs.
If Energy Lens works well for you, we hope that you'll see a good return on investment from buying it. If it doesn't, then we wish you the best of luck in finding what you're looking for elsewhere!

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